Who Is Donating The Big Bucks Funding Anti-Semitism In NYC?

The People's Forum is a leftist group that supports Hamas, the terrorist group that raped, burned and murdered innocents in Israel on October 7.

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The day after hundreds of Pro-Hamas protestors rallied outside of a Manhattan cancer hospital, we learned that the organization which hosts these heinous rallies throughout New York City calling for an elimination to the State of Israel, and mass murder of Jews is funded, or the funding is facilitated, by Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs, one of the largest banks in the world, has given $18 Million to The People’s Forum which organizes these rallies. Goldman Sachs has a fund, where donors send money for giving to nonprofits and rather than Goldman Sachs saying no, we will not send money to an organization which supports rape and terror, they signed the checks. Goldman Sachs can refuse to sign the checks – they chose not to. It has been ongoing.

Manolo De Los Santos of the People’s Forum gave a speech on April 8 in New York City where he said “When we finally deal that final blow to destroy Israel, when the state of Israel is finally destroyed and erased from history, that will be the single most important blow we can give to destroying capitalism.”

The speech preceded a rally, “Flood Manhattan for Gaza MLK Day”, during which pro-Hamas protestors walked the streets of Manhattan blocking traffic, and eventually they protested outside Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a hospital. The New York Post reported that protestors screamed: “Make sure they hear you. They’re in the window,” one organizer said through a bullhorn, and another in the crowd chanted, about the cancer center, “MSK, shame on you, you support genocide, too.”

These are people who support rape and baby-killing. On October 7th, the leader of The People’s Forum tweeted about “the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people”, and “the struggle for the national liberation in Palestine.” These protests are a clear call for murder, with chants of “Free Palestine from The River to the Sea”, and “Intifada Now” that are calls for violence and murder of Jews.

Authorities allow these terrorist antisemitism supporters to block traffic, disrupt the city and threaten Jews. The People’s Forum has hosted antisemitic rallies in NYC since October 8th they are well-funded and well organized and there are also events on Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and "the path to revolution." In the New York Post, a 74-year-old Jewish woman was quoted as saying, “I thought I was in Germany in 1939.” She is right, and in 2024 the free world is either with us or against us.

Goldman Sachs is facilitating funding which calls for the mass murder of Jews. Goldman Sachs is signing checks which pay for antisemitic events in New York City. It must end now. It’s not unlike Outten Golden, a leading law firm in New York City, where lawyer Kathleen Peratis has visited the Hamas deadly terror tunnels multiple times, praised Hamas leaders, openly opposes a Jewish state and supports BDS.

Elie Wiesel rightfully said: “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides.”

Goldman Sachs, stop facillitating-funding this.

Ronn Torossianis an American-Israeli Public Relations executive and entrepreneur.

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